Surrender Your Balls to Lily Lane

[this is “Lick My Boots - Lily Lane” and “Time to Lose Your Balls - Lily Lane” as one continuous story for a discount]

Lily is wearing a blue lacey one-piece with black pantyhose and super high heeled patent leather boots.

She wants you to imagine that you are with her, licking her boots.  She teases you with her long heals…

“This shiny boots are ready to crush your balls…”

Lily wants to make you suffer while you worship her boots.  Maybe she’ll let you cum on them and lick it up, it your balls can still cum…

Later on, Lily is dressed up for something extra special.  She’s wearing a white shear thong bodysuit with white fishnets and bright red high heels.

“You know what I’ve decided?  I’m going to cut your balls off.”

“Maybe I’ll take my time… make it REALLY HURT.” [smile]

She teases you with her perfect body, and loves that you are dripping pre-cum while she tells you all the terrible ways you are about to lose your manhood forever to her.