Teased and Locked Up by Veruca James

Veruca just seduced Lance into her hotel room and busted his balls.  He still thinks he’s getting laid even after she almost broke his balls.  Now she has him naked in bed with a raging hard cock.  She’s wearing pantyhose and a sheer bodysuit.  She lubed up his cock with Gun Oil and is using a Doxy Magic Wand on her pussy.  She teases his cock, barely stroking it and makes him scissor with her like a girl.

As she gets closer to making herself cum, she pulls him in closer, rubbing the strong vibrator on his prostate, making him ooze pre-cum while she teases his lubed up dick.  She licks the pre-cum from his fingers and makes him lick it too.  Veruca makes him choke her while she cums again from the vibrator.

At this point Lance is about to explode.  She’s had him on edge for minutes while she came over and over.  She squeezes his balls and uses the strong vibrator on his cock and prostate.

“I know you wanna cum so bad…”  She shoves her nylon covered foot in his mouth and makes him suck on while she edges him more.

Then she stops.  She pulls out a cold metal chastity cage and starts to put it on his cock.  He’s going to be blue balled for as long as she wants.  This is how she gets her slaves…