Busted and Teased by Lily Lane

[this is “Yoga Pants Ballbusting Lily Lane” and “Brutal Chasity Tease Lily Lane” as one continuous scene for a discount]

Lily Lane is in the kitchen looking hot as fuck in some Gymshark leggings and a tank top.  When her boyfriend walks in, she knees him in the nuts.

“I’m going to keep breaking your balls until you let me lock you up in chastity [smile]”

Lance really doesn’t want to get locked up in chastity while she goes out and fucks other dudes, but she’s pretty clear that she's just going to keep kicking, kneeing and crushing his nuts under her feet until he agrees…

She even gives him incentive and puts his hands on her huge perfect tits in between the abuse until he finally agrees to let her lock up his dick.

Now that Lily convinced her boyfriend to lock up his cock in chastity (by kicking and kneeing his balls in) she wants to have some fun with him.  She teases him relentlessly with her tits, ass and feet.  She makes him lick her stinky bare feet, worship her big perfect tits, buries his face in her crotch and then gets excited and crushes him with a scissor hold while his face is in her ass.  She loves this new dynamic of their relationship.