Chichi Fucks Her Slave

[Part 1 of "ChiChi Fucks and Milks Her Slave"]

Lance Hart is bound by the hands hanging from the roof of ChiChi Medinas torture chamber. ChiChi is wearing a large vibrating strap-on teasing lance with her big tits and ass grabbing his cock through his underwear, She has his cock rock solid. He wants her so bad that he begs her to stroke his cock but to stop teasing him.

"I want you to fuck me!" He begs.  "Please fuck me."

He continues to beg and plead with her as she teases his cock.

She bends him over, his hands still bound above his head. She teases his ass with her strap-on and finally slides it deep inside of him. She makes him fuck himself on her cock then starts pounding his ass hard, reaching around to stroke his cock.

"Take it all of it!" She demands. "I own your ass now."

She continues to dominate his ass fucking him really hard. When his dick is finally dripping pre-cum she taunts him.

"Soon you'll cum."

(To be continued...)