Edging Lessons at a Rub n Tug

Ellez and Jessica Fappit work at a Rub n Tug where the clients pay per minute for handjobs.  Jessica isn’t making enough money, so Ellez explains to her that she needs to keep them men on the edge of cumming for a longer time.

Lance Hart shows up to get jerked off.  He’s super horny.  Jessica just loves to make guys cum, but Ellez keeps making her stop right before he cums.  The two of them turn his brain to jelly while he begs to cum.

Ellez teases Lance with her pantyhose covered legs and perfect tits.  Jessica strokes and sucks his cock, making him beg desperately to cum.  Ellez tells Jessica to kiss his aching blue balls and Lance just moans.

Finally they let him release and they laugh while he explodes cum all over himself.