Dating Game Gets Bi

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Summer Day hosts a Dating Game show.  Penelope Reed is her next guest, who will get to choose between two eligible bachelors:  Mike Panic and Lance Hart.

Penelope is very shy, but clearly turned on by both of them.  Summer is eager to get the show going and encourages Penelope to get them both naked and “check out their goods.”

Summer doesn’t just encourage Penelope to get slutty, she encourages the men to get slutty by showing off their bodies, cocks and asses…  Summer treats the men like meat, cupping their balls and asking Penelope to feel them up and judge them.  Eventually she convinces them to touch each other’s cocks and jerk each other off while Penelope is sitting between them.

Penelope can’t decide, so who ever has the biggest cumshot wins!  She gets on her knees and hold out her hands to judge the first load, but Lance misses her hands and cums all over her adorable face.  Summer tells Penelope to wipe off that cum and rub it back in Lance’s face.  Then Summer collects Mike Panic’s cum and wipes that on Lance’s face too.

To finish the show, both girls smooth pie’s in both guys faces.