Hurt Your Balls for Arielle Aquinas FULL

Rev Arielle Aquinas is wearing shiny pantyhose, a torn tank top and sneakers. “You wanna jerk off to me….? Well, you know how I like it. You’re gonna have to hurt your balls…”

She teases you with her ass then tells you to slap yourself hard in the left nut. Arielle gives you specific instructions on how to make yourself double over in pain for her while she smiles and teases you. She loves keeping your cock dripping pre-cum while your balls ache until you explode.

Before you can cum, she watches you hit yourself in the balls 20 times.


Your balls are still aching a little from the last time you Arielle commanded you to bust your own balls while she watched you jerk off. She knew you’d come back for more. This time she’s going harder on you. By the time she tells you to come, she hopes you can barely touch your dick.