Mona Saves an Angel FULL

Mona Wales was at home practicing her sweet dance moves in a leotard and shiny pantyhose when all of the sudden a slutty angel, Lance Hart, fell from heaven and appeared in her room.

He was struggling to breathe. Mona could tell he needed help. She quickly grabbed her Bible to see what she could do. She found the verse that told her what he needed: She needed to fuck him in the ass with a strap-on…

Good thing Mona had a big strap-on cock handy. She fucked him on the ground and then against the wall until he could breathe.

The slutty angel thanked Mona for saving his life. He told her when she got to the afterlife, she would have eternal inner peace. She thanked him, but asked if she could get some angel dick before he left. He could not refuse, after all she just saved his life.

She spread her legs, ripped open her pantyhose and the angel fucked her brains out until he came all over her ass, then with a flash of light, he returned to heaven.